St Antoine Hospital Funds, Inc.


Inspired by our traditions and guided by our values, our primary mission is to reach out and touch as many people by bringing monetary assistance as well materials needed to improve quality of life. Our not for profit organization is willing to support the hospital. We also striving to sensitize the diaspora in our quest to make the hospital a better place to help and assist our needy brothers and sisters in the area of Grand’Anse.

Why Donate?

Give our brothers and sisters the essentials they need to survive. Your gift can make it happen

Hôpital St.-Antoine de Jérémie, located in western Haiti, serves nearly 1000 patients living with all kinds of medical conditions. New and existing cases are being handled daily by its short staff. Children as well as adults are dying for not receiving proper cares that are needed because of limited materials and medications. In addition to the dire needs of the patients, the hospital consistently suffers from frequent electricity outages. A recent fire has demolished a good portion of the maternity which reduced the numbers of delivery rooms.
As a donor you’ll provide lifesaving assistance to many who could die without it.  I wish to donate ________________________ to the hospital in check debit card, cash I wish to continue donate to the hospital every monthly, by-monthly, yearly. My contribution is