STAHF is mourning the passage of Dr. Frantz Bazile, on October 2, 2017. Dr. Bazile was its first president and one of the founding members of the association. Dr. Bazile was a very generous man, wise, a dedicated father, a competent physician and a lover of the town of his birth, Jérémie. He was very grateful for the education he received from his hometown. This led to his efforts throughout the rest of his life to make Jérémie a better place for current and future generations. In this spirit, he helped founded STAHF which has since assisted Hôpital St Antoine in Jérémie provide better healthcare to the patients who go to it seeking cure for their diseases and relief from the pains of their sickness. The Board of Directors of STAHF is very saddened by his sudden passing. The Board wants to express its gratitude to Dr. Bazile for his dedication to the cause of helping the poor and the patients who visit Hôpital St Antoine in Jérémie, and expresses its condolences to his family. We miss you Doc!    


Welcome to St Antoine Hospital Funds, (STAHF) website. STHAF was incorporated in Florida as a nonprofit organization on August 14th, 2012. Its mission is to assist “Hôpital St Antoine”, Jérémie, Haiti (HSA) in carrying out its mission of providing health care to the population it serves.

To fulfill its mission, STAHF relies primarily on the community, specially the Haitians living in the United States and abroad, to obtain funds needed. Our primary funding will come from profit made on cultural and social activities organized by STAHF to benefit the hospital. While we do not directly solicit contributions, we welcome members of the Haitian diaspora and others who cannot attend our activities to contribute morally, materially, and financially to the efforts to help the hospital.

The team of STAHF thanks you for visiting our site. We are a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters.